Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers, originally uploaded by filmwolf.

This portrait by Nickolaus Murray helps to show the grace and beauty that caught the eye of film producers and helped to launch Ginger Rogers to movie stardom.

Born in Virginia McMath in 1911, Rogers began her career on the vaudeville stage at the age of 14 and in the late 1920's, began appearing in minor film roles. In 1933 came her now historic teaming with Fred Astaire in the RKO film "Flying Down To Rio" and to coin an often-used phrase, "a star was born".

Later in her career, Rogers also proved that she could act as well as dance, appearing in well-received dramas such as 1940's "Kitty Foyle" (for which she won an Oscar) and romantic comedies such as "Roxie Hart" ('42) (which the Oscar-winning film "Chicago" would be partially based on 60 years later...)

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