Harriet Andersson part of Ingmar Bergmans stock company

Harriet Andersson (born 14 February 1932, Stockholm) is a Swedish actress, known outside Sweden for being part of one of director Ingmar Bergman's stock company. She often played impulsive working class characters and quickly established a reputation on screen for her youthful, unpretentious, full-lipped sensuality. She disdains the use of makeup. Andersson met Bergman at Malmö stadsteater in the early 1950s, when she was working as an elevator attendant. Bergman wrote the title role in Summer with Monika (1952), specifically for Andersson. The film was particularly notable for Andersson's nude scene, one of the first in postwar European cinema. It was inspired by Hedy Lamarr's once notorious skinny-dipping scene in Ecstasy, twenty years earlier. Filmed in Sweden, the motion picture features a musical score by Les Baxter. Although the romantic relationship with Bergman was brief, they continued to work together. Andersson appeared in several of his best known films,

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