Elinor Donahue most memorable role as Betty Anderson on Father Knows Best a 1950s sitcom

Mary Eleanor Donahue born April 19, 1937, best known as Elinor Donahue, is an American actress. She played Robert Young and Jane Wyatt's elder daughter and eldest child, Betty Anderson, on Father Knows Best, a 1950s sitcom, Donahue was born in Tacoma, Washington, the daughter of Doris Genevieve (née Gelbaugh) and Thomas William Donahue. Appearing in dancing-chorus film roles from the age of five, Donahue was at one point a ballet-school classmate of future Fred Astaire partner Barrie Chase. She was a child actress working in vaudeville and had several bit parts in movies as a teenager, including Love Is Better Than Ever (1952), starring Elizabeth Taylor .

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