Eve Whitney 1923-2002 ended her career in 1952

Eve Whitney 1923-2002 ended her career in 1952. After quitting films she became a self-employed real estate lending agent for 20 years. Worked as an ambulance driver in New York in 1942 and as a hat check girl at Dave's Blue Room in 1947. Moved from MGM to Warner Brothers in 1949. Worked as a Conover model in New York, later modelling for illustrators Alberto Vargas and George Petty. She appeared on the cover of Yank magazine in January 1945. Eve Whitney was married to Republic house composer Eddie Cherkose, a lasting union. She later became a real estate agent

Filmography for vintage actress and model Eve Whitney

A short post but very informative on Eve Whitney for her role in Radar Patrol vs. Spy King (1949)

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