Faye Emerson The First Lady of Television

Faye Margaret Emerson July 8, 1917 – March 9, 1983, was an American film actress and television interviewer known as "The First Lady of Television." Beginning in 1941, she acted in many Warner Brothers films. In 1944, she played one of her more memorable roles as Zachary Scott's former wife in The Mask of Dimitrios. She was also notable for being the third wife of presidential son Elliott Roosevelt from 1944 to 1950, Once a Hollywood starlet enjoying the show business spotlight, the wealthy Emerson moved to Spain and spent the rest of her life in seclusion. She died in 1983 at the age of sixty-five of stomach cancer in Deià, Majorca, a village favored by retired artists and entertainers. For years she lived there with Anne Roosevelt, the divorced first wife of Elliott's brother John Aspinwall Roosevelt.

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