Georgine Darcy best known for her role as Miss Torso in the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window

Georgine Darcy January 14, 1931 – July 18, 2004 was an American dancer and actress best known for her role as "Miss Torso" in the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window. She also had a regular role in the 1960–1961 ABC sitcom Harrigan and Son. Born in Brooklyn, Darcy's mother urged her to become a stripper to make a "fast buck". Instead, she became a dancer, dancing with the New York City Ballet, and a model. At age 16, she left home and traveled by bus to California. In 1954 she was cast in Rear Window. She did not even know who Hitchcock was and did not consider herself an actress. Hitchcock had selected her based on a publicity photo of her wearing a black leotard and green feather boa. In Rear Window, she played one of the neighbors of protagonist L. B. Jeffries, a wheelchair-bound photographer who passes the time spying on the other tenants of his apartment building. Her nameless character, who was dubbed "Miss Torso", practiced her dance moves in a skimpy top and a pair of pink shorts with a 21-inch waistband, courtesy of famed costume designer Edith Head. She had no lines in the film. During filming, Hitchcock asked her what kinds of pie she liked and disliked. She told him she loathed pumpkin pie, She died of natural causes

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